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Apr 8 and 9, 2014

Announcements for Wed. 4/9/2014

Environment Club will be meeting today afterschool to plan Earth Day events.

Culture Club will be meeting today to explore the country of Ireland in Room A6.

The Animal Appreciation Club will meet after school today in room B-23.

Reminder that Forensics is cancelled for today. All members should attend on Monday, April 21st after Spring Break.

Mrs. Tate is selling t-shirts for $12 in honor of Autism Awareness month. See Mrs. Tate in room C-2 by Friday, April 11th with cash or check.

All Student Ambassadors are asked to wear their Student Ambassador T-shirt this Friday for the Career/College Fair.

Archery Club will begin on Wednesday, May 7th afterschool in A3. It will run through June 4th. Questions? See Mr. Jones in A3.

Calling all military kids! What would you like to share about your time as a military child? Where have you lived? How many times have you moved? What’s it like when mom or dad deploys? We’d love to share your story with others…just a few sentences or several pages. Write down anything about military life you’d like to share with others and give it to Ms. Yoder in Guidance today or tomorrow, or give it to your teacher to put in her box. Put your name on it if you would like credit or you can leave it anonymous and just put your grade.

It is time to “Get Up and Get Moving ". CLMS is sponsoring a Family Fun and Fitness Night after school April 30th for students, parents and staff.   Make a pledge to get fit and eat right! The Cost is Free. Students must have a signed permission slip to attend. Permission slips are available during lunch until April 28th. We will have weight lifting, Zumba, dance trance, kick boxing, smoothies and so much more. Fitness T-shirts are available for $ 8.00. See Mrs. Pugh for more information.



Mrs. Smith English/Social Studies


In English we finished reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham and will begin our Multi-Genre Scrapbook project on Tuesday March 18th.  We will be in the computer lab for research and a Webquest project. Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Social Studies

All students should be studying their Fast Facts each night for 15-20 (5 DAYS PER WEEK)

Monday - Finish The Holocaust

Wednesday -, Japanese Inturnment Camps and WWII Test review

Friday - WWII Test




Mr. Leonard Honors Algebra 7/Math 7

Algebra 1 is in Unit 6 Systems of Equations.  We are solving systems of equations by graphing and substitution.  The assignments on solving by sunstitution is due on Tuesday the 18th.


 Math 7 is in Inut 3. The assignment of Percent of Change is due Monday the 17th.  We will begin our study of similar figures on Monday.

Mr. Frohlich Science/Math 7

I e-mail math and science homework to parents every day it is assigned.  If you are not on the distribution list, please e-mail me at  Please indicte your child's full name and what bell (s)he attends my class in the subject line.

Mrs. Graeff Science

All classes have just begun the ecology unit. Students will be given a list of Fast Facts to review vocabulary from our genetics unit. There will be a Fast Facts Test on these on the dates listed below.

A-day = Fast Facts Test on #49-73 Fri., April 4th

B-day = Fast Facts Test on #49-73 Mon., April 7th


Mrs. Wilder-Hope (Co-Teacher)

Mr. Miller Social Studies

Current Topic:  ( Cold War - Demographics and Test Review)



1.  Cold War Test - complete the Cold War Test Review sheet


1.  We still have many students who have not completed the Cold War Vocabulary.  Are you one of those students? 

2.  Study Cold War Notes


3/31 & 4/1

1.  Complete Cold War Vocabulary #21-30

2.  Study Notes



1.  Warm-up Quiz; Study #25-28

2.  Complete Cold War Vocabulary #1-19 if not finished during class


Mrs. LO English


Tuesday 3/11:  Quiz on Author's Purpose and FAT P.R. Homework due

Thursday 3/13:  Inferencing Homework due



Monday/Thuesday (3/10-3/11):  Inferencing Homework due;  Complete ALL interpretive and evaluative sections on each detective log.  Be prepared for a detective note check on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday/Thursday (3/12-3/13):  Quiz on Chapters 5-6 in The Hound of the Baskervilles


Please check your child's planner for any homework or upcoming quizzes, tests, or projects.  Thank you.


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