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Phone: (757) 648-5350  Ext. 85361
Fax:  (757) 431-3069
Hours:  7:00am-3:30pm Monday-Friday

Guidance Staff

Sylvia Dodds, Receptionist/Registrar 648-5350 Ext. 85361
Beth Bailey, Data Technician 648-5350 Ext. 85380
Jackie Whitehead, ACCESS Advisor 648-5350 Ext. 57225

Graduation Requirements
Verified Credit

Current Diploma Requirements are available at the Virginia Department of Education Website

Do you need a copy of your transcript? Transcripts may be requested on the VBSchools website.

Early College Scholars Are you taking AP or Dual Enrollment Classes in High school? Do you think you may earn College Credits? Learn more about Virginia's Early College Scholars at the Virginia Department of Education's website.

Career & Personality Assessments

Career Review Quiz
Virginia Career Planning System (see your counselor for a code)
What is your temperament?
Other excellent links

Careers & Military

Thinking of Joining the Military? This site helps you decide.
Military Information 
The ASVAB Test
Military Careers

Are you a military family new to the school? You can request a welcome packet by calling (757) 263-1936, or you may e-mail Jody Blaufus at

Career Information

Many students as they approach their Junior and Senior years begin the thought process of "just what am I going to do after graduation". This career page  may provide some assistance in helping you think about "after graduation".
KnowHowVirginia (great career information site)
Virginia View

College Information

Virginia College Admission Statistics
Common Application (Tool for submitting College Applications)
Universal College Application
Check out our Scholarship Page
Need help picking a major?
College Board Online
College Search Information
College Informational Links
More College Scholarship Information (Simple and easy to digest)
Virginia View
What Colleges Want
Interested in the community college transfer programs?  You can start at TCC and graduate from such schools as William and Mary, Virginia Tech, and Old Dominion. For more information:
College Navigator
University and College Accountability Network

The SAT Test

Sign up & Practice

Sign up at

SAT Question of the Day
Official Practice Test
SAT College Quickstart

AP Testing About AP
Preparing for the AP Exam
AP Credit Policy Information


Sign up & Practice

Sign up to take the test at

Practice Tests
ACT Online Prep

Transfer Program from 2-4 Year Colleges

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Virginia's Community College Transfer Wheel

Historically Black Colleges

White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Educational On-Line's Listing of Historically Black Colleges and Universities


College Testing

SAT Test Dates, Scores and Other Information
ACT Information
ACT Assessment Information
ACT Assessment Test Dates
An Excellent Testing Practice Website  (For all kinds of tests)
PSAT Information
ACT & SAT information
ACT and SAT Information
SAT and PSAT Information
Also check out your local libraries and bookstores for books and CD’s.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid 101

Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment at TCC? 

Private Vocational Schools

Virginia Private Vocational Schools

Scholarship Information

Green Run High School Scholarships
More College Scholarship Information (Simple and easy to digest)
Scholarship Central

New Classes at GRHS

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow

Our Teachers for Tomorrow course is designed to provide students with exposure to the education field. Upon completion, two graduating seniors at each high school are eligible to win an award. These 2 seniors will receive a VBCPS Future Teachers Contract. This contract will entitle them to employment upon graduation from an approved teacher education program. Please see your guidance counselor to sign up for this course and you will be on your way to a bright future in education.

Please see your guidance counselor for details

Student Tips

Home Work Help
Need help picking a major?
Study Skills
Math Help

SOL Testing

SOL Practice
SOL Released Tests


Volunteer Match

Community service opportunities in the Virginia beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk areas 

Project Hope

Do you know someone who is homeless? Please contact Project Hope to obtain assistance for the family.

Gay Thomas, Coordinator
School Social Work Services/Homeless Liason

B. J. McGrath, SSW
Project Hope

Community Resources


Free Family Forum Classes at CHKD

R U Ready Magazine



  • Beach Health Clinic:   3396 Holland Rd., phone 428-5601.  A private, nonprofit corporation; staffed by professional and lay volunteers.  Free to those who qualify.
  • Child & Youth Services: Human Services-Mental Health & Substance Abuse:  289 Independence Blvd., Pembroke 3, phone 437-6200. Provides child and youth emergency and outpatient treatment for Virginia Beach children through age 18 with mental illness, substance use and co-occurring disorders. Services include individual, family and group counseling, psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Parenting groups are also available.
  • Medical Equipment :  Resources for free or low cost wheelchairs and other equipment:  Goodwill-Contact Jim Jefferson (248-9405). Norfolk Scottish Rite-Contact Dudley Myers (489-1076). Rehab Health Care-Contact Linda (466-1553).
  • Orthopedic Care :  For 18yrs. old and under through Khedive Shrine.  Free for those who qualify.420-4510.
  • Partnership in Prescription :  or 1-888-477-2669.
  • Tidewater Child Development Services :  Affiliate of VA Dept of Health.  Offers needy families assistance with evaluation and diagnosis of developmental, behavioral, emotional, and learning disorders through age 21.
  • Tricare Prime Clinic Virginia Beach: Military healthcare, phone 314-8900.
  • Virginia Beach Public Health:   4452 Corporation Ln. phone 518-2700. Clinics include: Dental, Family Planning, Immunizations, Maternity, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Well Child.


  • Catholic Charities 4855 Princess Anne Rd. Va. Bch. 467-7707.  Free pregnancy testing/counseling.
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater :  522 S. Independence Blvd. Suite 101.499-4444. Free pregnancy testing/counseling.
  • Resource Mothers :  Free program through Child and Family Services of Eastern VA. Ask your school nurse for information. 397-2121 ext. 324.
  • Virginia Beach Public Health:   4452 Corporation Ln. phone 518-2700. Clinics include: Family Planning , Maternity, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Well Child.


  • Emergency Services (Mental Health/ Substance Abuse): Human Services-Mental Health & Substance Abuse 289 Independence Blvd.  Pembroke 3, phone 437-6150.  Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week/weekend and holidays.  Provides telephone and in-person crisis assessment, intervention and consultation regarding persons with mental illness, substance use and co-occurring disorders.  Also includes psychiatric evaluation, medication services and preadmission screening for in-patient care.


  • Battered Women’s Hotline :  485-1445
  • Child Protective Services : Human Services-Social Services. Phone 437-3400.  Provides 24 hour services for children suspected of being abused or neglected.  Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-552-7096.
  • Help and Emergency Response Inc .: Shelter for battered women and children. 485-3384.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline:   ( 1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233).
  • Project Hope :  The Homeless Education Program of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools.  Can provide help with many needs including school supplies, transportation, PE uniforms, and many others.  Contact B.J. McGrath 263-2062 or Gay Thomas 263-2300 
  • Samaritan House : 631-0710/crisis line: 430-2120.  www.  Shelter/help for victims of domestic violence and/or homelessness.
  • Seaton Youth Shelters :  306-1840/Hotline: 498-HELP. Provides anger management for youth; parenting program; support group for parents of adolescents; drug education for youth. Emergency shelter services for 9-18yr. olds.
  • Suicide Hotline: Tidewater Crisis Network phone 622-1126. Youth Crisis Network phone 623-2627.  HOPEline Network  phone 1-800-784-2433.
  • Youth Crisis Network :  Hotline 623-2627.



  • Anorexia Nervosa: and related disorders.  404-3010
  • Alateen :  499-1443/Al-Anon: 460-0949. Supports teens and families of alcoholics.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous:   490-3980.
  • Alliance for the Mentally Ill :  nonprofit to help families of those with mental illness.  424-0856
  • Alopecia Areata Support Group:   631-1722 or 638-9706. Turbans for Transformation: 426-6393.
  • Attention Deficit Disorders :  CH.A.A.D. of Tidewater (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders) 866-633-4871.
  • Autism Society of America:   461-4474.
  • Celiac Sprue Association:   410-5245.
  • Compassionate Friends: Support for bereaved parents and siblings after the death of a child.  484-8161/ 482-5856.
  • Compulsive Eaters Anonymous: 456-1435.
  • Crohn’s and Colitis:   479-0029  Teens: 425-8521.
  • Domestic Violence Support Group: Sponsored by YWCA:  625-4248.
  • Down Syndrome Association :  466-3696
  • Emotions Anonymous: 479-4328 or 962-1591.
  • Epilepsy Support Network :  499-7155/459-8376
  • Grandparents as Parents:   support group 490-4931.
  • Hearing Loss Association of America :  460-0074/496-1308
  • Juvenile Diabetes (JDRF) :  455-6676.  Ask you school nurse for information about the VBCPS Diabetic Support Group for students, parents and siblings sponsored by the school nurses.
  • Lee’s Friends:   Helping people live with cancer.  625-3115.
  • Mothers with Bipolar Children and Adolescents:   622-9852.
  • Nar-Anon: Support for families of addicts. 622-1126.
  • Narcotics Anonymous:   459-8467.
  • Nicotine Anonymous: 482-0108
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: 463-4222.
  • Overeaters Anonymous : 456-1530 or
  • Parent Connection:   classes for parents of young children and teens.  622-9622 ext. 19.
  • Rainbows:   Support groups for children, adolescents and parents struggling with loss due to death, divorce or separation. 622-9852
  • Scleroderma Support Group :  855-5200. Audgut
  • Sentara Bereavement Support Group:   388-2631
  • TOUGHlove Parent Support:   481-7674.
  • Tourette Syndrome Association :  713-4881/292-9329.
  • Turning Point:   Domestic Violence Support Group: 437-3373.


    • Fairy Godmothers of VA : Provides financial support to girls in order to attend their prom. or email: fairygodmothersof
    • National Alliance for Newborn Angels : Offers layettes for needy premies and newborns: 497-2868.
    • The Making a Difference Foundation: Support for Hispanic children needing assistance with SAT/ACT preparation. 615-6109/
    • Tidewater Youth Enrichment:   Provides educational, health and empowerment strategies. 490-8010 or 495-5009.
    • VBCPS Choices Program:   Free after-school 10 session instructional program for students to develop appropriate choice-making skills. 263-1449.

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